Tantric Sensual Awakening With Adelina

The Tantra Lingam massage although it is a treatment that provides a sensual and erotic and intense pleasure that can lead to orgasm recipient does not cover actions. Request during sex massage tantra massage therapist can also be naked, always in full mutual respect. Nudity in tantra massage is a concept used to achieve greater harmony and vibration, so there is no sense of separation between the giver and the general receive.
In Tantric massage Space there is designed to concur a listening experience of the Self and therefore of spiritual expansion and reactivation of sexual energy as well.

When the individual enables total access to himself, to his senses and feel free from social conditioning, here is an opening for access to the deeper dimensions of the self, so as to take full awareness and knowledge of those who we really are in our totality.
In brief, what characterizes the practice is in fact the spiritual aspect which is expressed through proper attention that is brought to the level of the heart and the awareness of the sacredness of the body that houses the soul. The term tantric massage not just identifies a specific sequence or precise manual dexterity, but only a way of massage, a particular type of feeling in touch.
You may feel an intense heat on your skin and feel the depth of your spirituality more intimate. The skin’s visible marks limit of our body and the point of contact with the world. It may be noted that through breathing becomes more vivid, more quivering, softer. With the practice of tantric massage you will find that the body is not limited by the skin. Your feelings will amplify in a succession of waves that will feel far away, tap the world and return to the body. It ‘a really nice feeling. The skin is only sixteen percent of our body weight, it is our most sensitive organ, the one that feeds us the most.

Why In Tantra Lingam Is So Important

It’s a tantric massage that gently caresses and decisively throughout the body then paying particular attention to sensitive areas, erogenous and energy in order to intensify the sensations of pleasure and lead to the total abandonment. One simple caress starts up all our sensory system. Tantra massage for men is known as Lingam massage. The goal of the Lingam massage in tantra for men is not orgasm but it is a pleasant side effect (lingam in Sanskrit means “wand of light” and represents the male genital organ) Men need to learn to relax and to receive in full abandonment.
This tantric website allows men to experience a form of pleasure which usually is not used. A sweet experience that will make you more receptive. The art of tantra teaches that there are many nerve endings on the penis that correspond to other parts of the body. It is believed that many diseases can be prevented and cured by a good Lingam massage.

The massage takes the high voltage as long as possible, and the energy is carried throughout the body. To tantric massage we usually attribute a meaning of a sexual nature, imagining scenarios sinful, but regard it as tantamount to diminish, in fact it is an experience of contact and awareness of their own sexual energy, sometimes it needs to be liberated, nourished, reactivated .
The main purpose of de stress massage, as explained in this article is to activate the energy of heart. This treatment may also be beneficial for those suffering from low self-esteem, performance anxiety, panic attacks, depression, anorgasmia, impotence, premature ejaculation. The tantra teaches us to reaffirm respect for the body, love your body. It teaches us to look at the body as the greatest creation of God Tantra is the religion of the body.